by Louise Robertson


When I first ran across the “Some of my best friends are…” form, I was really expecting something, um, well, not edgy, but you know, not particularly PC. But then I realized I was on a webpage designed for kids and I thought the author of the page and I had different associations with the phrase “some of my best friends are.”

Turns out this form is being used all the time! I hear it all the time at open mics and slams, on youtube and facebook. All the time.

Here’s how you generate a small “Some of my best friends are” poem. (I am definitely going to have to call this something else.)

Think of a best friend/lover/classmate/teacher/sister/brother/father/mother… Think of someone. Then write down 10 (or more) objects for that person. Then write out the poem like this saying he (or she) is each of the objects. Here is just a made up thing as an example:

My twin sister

She is the Philadelphia zoo. She is her
red sunhat. She is my purple sunhat.
She is hands clasped, dancing
around the stiff legs.
She is age five, like me.
She is age 12, like me.
She is walking around the beach
at night, under yawning sky.
She is playing cards.
She is backpack.
She is out of state college.
She is hung up phone call.
She is never see her till Christmas. But every time,
she is wearing the same
clothes as me. She is age grown up,
like me.

See? You can do that! Then elaborate on your parts and pieces, change the verbs, screw in the screws tighter. (You know, I’m going to call this the 10 objects form. This “Some of My Best Friends Are” is just not working for me.)

If you want to see/hear someone who is amazing at making this form beautiful, try Andrea Gibson. She uses different verbs and subjects, but she uses this form a lot. Here’s “Wasabi” on the Indiefeed Performance Poetry podcast. But my favorite of hers right now is: “Jellyfish”


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