by Louise Robertson


The Walk Poem really only has one requirement: it has to go on a walk. It can look like a walk (look up concrete poetry if you’re planning on this). It can talk like a walk (that is, meander around like the thoughts on a walk). It can act like a walk (that is, get to some destination or epiphany). But it has to be about a walk.

Here’s Robert Frost with “A Late Walk”. Here’s a Gary Snyder walk poem: “A Walk”.

But the whole reason I wanted to feature this form was to point to Marc Kelly Smith, many of whose poems pop with the energy of movement and vision — some kind of clanging, hopping walking. They’re kind of jump the fence, run down the alley, hide in a boot, smoke out a cat, slide into your booth poems. But we can call that a walk, huh?

I’ll give you links to two of Marc Smith’s to get started:

“In Clifton”
“No Exit Poem” – this one is one that feels like a walk, so I’m calling it a walk poem.


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