PROMPT: On the first day you stopped being a child, what happened?

PROMPT: Write about a relationship as if it were a music or movie review.

PROMPT: Describe a feeling, but you are only allowed to use concrete nouns. No abstract nouns.

PROMPT: The top 30 _______ of the past decade.

PROMPT: Write a letter to your future self.

PROMPT: Write a resume for something that is not a “real job” — example, write a resume for a position committing an armed robbery. Exclusions: You are NOT allowed to write a resume for poet or artist or dreamer.

PROMPT: Write a poem from the point of view of your neighbor’s dog or cat or fish. If your neighbor doesn’t have any pets, make it up. The catch? You may not use any abstract nouns (love, truth, beauty, betrayal).

PROMPT: Write a poem that is the back story to a popular song. We are not going to tell you whether or not to include lyrics from the song, but we are going to encourage you to do what’s right for the poem.

PROMPT: 1.) Write two haiku. 2.) Put the first one at the top of the page and the second at the bottom of the page. 3.) Write a poem to connect them.

PROMPT: 1. Find a picture with more than one person. 2. Write a poem about someone or something just outside the frame of the picture.

PROMPT: 1. Pick an object. 2. Think of something the brings you stress (good or bad). 3. Write a poem about the object except now the object represents that thing that brings you stress.


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